OUR MADE-FOR-THE-21ST-CENTURY CLOCKS are inspired by unique moments in design history. The laser-cut plywood face of each Soho Clock with its laser-etched Roman numerals filters the elemental characteristics of a design-defining era—the elegant bravado of the later Louis, the restraint of Chippendale, the clean lines of 20th-century modern architecture, the silliness of the Bavarian cuckoo clock—through the simplifying lens of early American folk art.

THE BIRDHOUSE CLOCK I’ve always wanted a cuckoo clock—not one of those dark, fussy, traditional versions, but my own kind of cuckoo clock. So I decided to design one myself. As I sketched version after version on my computer, I noticed that, little by little many of the traditional cuckoo clock details started falling away. When I was finally satisfied, it turned out that my ideal cuckoo clock retained only its most essential forms: a house, a suggestion of branches, a birdhouse hole, and a bird at the roof’s peak. As for the totally annoying, chirpy, every-hour-on-the-hour cuckoo, I eliminated it, too. With the cuckoo now gone, I christened the clock THE BIRDHOUSE CLOCK.

THE BIRDHOUSE CLOCK measures 13” x 19” and costs $190.

Made in the USA

THE CHIP CLOCK is my salute to Thomas Chippendale (1718 - 1779), a London cabinet maker who designed furniture in the mid-Georgian, English Rococo, and Neoclassical styles. After he published The Gentleman and Cabinet Maker’s Director, his very influential book of standard patterns for chairs, tables, and more in 1754, everyone from cabinet makers to Countesses got on the Chippendale bandwagon.

Chippendale always used solid wood, usually very expensive mahogany, rather than veneers. I wonder what he would have thought of THE CHIP CLOCK, given that it is made of Birch ply. Hopefully he would have picked it up, examined it very closely, and said, “nice job, well done.”

THE CHIP CLOCK measures 13” x 19” and costs $190.

Made in USA

THE HOLLYWOOD & VINE(S) CLOCK Tony Duquette, Hollywood set and interior designer, never met a curved line he didn’t like. His theatrical interiors for Hollywood’s rich and famous showcased fanciful curves, outré twists, and, most of all, glamour. Duquette’s decorating taste was not for the timid or faint of heart. THE HOLLYWOOD & VINE(S) CLOCK is a timely celebration of his star-struck ebullience.

THE HOLLYWOOD & VINE(S) CLOCK measures 15” x 19” and costs $225.

Made in USA

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